Our Philosophy


Bella Botanica products are made by hand and honor the gifts of nature.

Bella Botanica products are free of pollutants and synthetics, helping customers heal themselves while being mindful of consumption on our planet. Products are made by hand in small batches, using only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. The use of traditional extraction techniques and gentle processing keeps the plants' powerful constituents intact, yielding superior products


High Quality Ingredients

The quality of our ingredients is our greatest concern. Bella Botanica is committed to using impeccable ingredients to obtain superior products.

Our ingredients are obtained from organics whenever possible, or from mindful wildcrafting. At times, certain products may be out of stock since we only harvest plants at their peak potency. Because our forests are being compromised by misuse - as are many other natural environments - we employ mindful harvesting of wild plants, maintaining utmost sensitivity to the forest ecology and to our dwindling, over-harvested plant populations. For these reasons, Bella Botanica supports ethical wildcrafting practices for those medicinal plants that are not easily cultivated. However, as more and more wild plants are propagated on farms, we choose to use these crops over wildcrafted plants whenever possible. These practices leave our forests intact for future generations to enjoy, while at the same time supporting local and organic agriculture.

Green Packaging

Bella Botanica makes an effort to reduce waste and help heal the environment by conserving energy through our packaging.

In the spirit of being part of the solution, not part of the problem, Bella Botanica uses glass rather than plastic whenever possible. Not only does this reduce the consumption of petrochemicals and plastic, it also eliminates harmful plastic waste from entering the environment. We also sterilize and refill our bottles whenever we can, and even reuse old shipping containers rather than consuming new ones. To encourage this habit, we offer discounts on refills!

Local Business

Just as local plants are our precious allies in support of our health, so too are local businesses the best support for healthy and vital communities!

Bella Botanica uses local sources, to support our community, but also to reduce shipping costs and thus energy consumption. There is a rapidly growing community of organic growers of medicinal plants of the Pacific Northwest, and we strive to support these growers and help their businesses thrive.