Skin Deep

A cosmetics database, by the Environmental Working Group. Search thousands of products to see what toxins they may or may not contain.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Learn about the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011, and find out how you can take action.


Herbs & Herbalism


American Botanical Council

Reliable herbal medicine information.

The American Herb Association

An organization that promotes understanding and ecological use of medicinal herbs and aromatherapy.

American Herbalists Guild

A non-profit, educational organization that works to represent the goals and voices of herbalists.

An abundance of herb information by Mrs. Grieve, author of A Modern Herbal.

Christopher Hobbs

The Virtual Herbal is devoted to honoring the plants, the spirit, and the tradition of herbal medicine, and to the celebration of health.

Columbines School of Botanical Studies

Educational opportunities ranging from weekend workshops to 2-year apprenticeships, in Eugene, Oregon.

Dandelion Herbal Center

Dedicated to furthering and preserving herbal traditions and teaching ecological ways to cohabit the earth.

Florence Herb Enthusiasts

Organization formed to share in the knowledge of culinary, craft, and medicinal herbs, with monthly meetings and special events.

The Herb Companion

A magazine that brings sound information to the general public about the whole range of benefits of herbs, including their roles in various healing arts.

The National Institute of Medical Herbalists

The UK's leading professional association for herbal practitioners, promoting the benefits, efficacy, and safety of herbal medicine.

Pacific Botanicals

The most experienced and diversified medicinal herb farm in North America.


Sage Mountain

Herbal Retreat Center and Botanical Sanctuary


Plant & Land Stewards

The Land Institute
Working to develop an ecologically stable agricultural system.

Native Plant Society of Oregon

Dedicated to the enjoyment, conservation, and study of Oregon's native plants and habitats.

United Plant Savers

An organization committed to protecting indigenous medicinal plants of the United States

and Canada, and their native habitats, while ensuring an abundant and renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.